Frank McFly is one of the best kept secrets to manifest out of Brownsville, Brooklyn into the music scene.

After achieving notoriety from big names such as Hot 97, Hypebeast and MTV, McFly is striving to ensure the entertainment industry knows exactly who he is.

Taking pride in his ability to offer music without harsh undertones; McFly's musical message is transparent, relatable and honest. His influence will prove to be what other young artists aspire to be. McFly's ambition highlights personal flare through his writing and performance. He exudes ultimate passion for his art.

McFly recently release two singles titled "Silent Lust" speaking to the ladies with a sensual tone combined with lyrics triggered by temptation and will power and "Only Want You" which connects more to admission to love, loyalty and commitment.

The message in Frank McFly's music speaks directly to the ladies but the guys will always relate.

With certainty it can be said that this unsigned sensation will grab your attention in 2018

Listen to "Silent Lust" and "Only Want You" now on Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify! 


Silent Lust Prod By Krissio

McFly's new single titled "Silent Lust" is speaking to the ladies with a sensual tone and lyrics triggered by temptation and will power.


"A reflection of Mc'Fly's admission to the ladies. A hip-hop lyrical love story." 

Know Your Worth Music Video 

"We watch as a young women is verbally and physically abused by her boyfriend. Brittany continues to push through within the video as she behaves naively, or faithfully, to her relationship which later costs her life. This story is typical yet it will never be cliche because it still exists today. Many people within this story can be put to blame for their actions, or lack off thereoff, regarding the situation, however, one person is the direct cause and effect of her death; the abuser."